Welcome Home


Wherever you go, there you are. Home is an idea as loose as time, wedged between comfort and a sense of belonging. It is tied tightly around happiness, bound to its ease and lack of worry. Home is where you find yourself being nothing but yourself. No protective layers, defensiveness, or need to be afraid. Home is love, home is friendship, home is anywhere.

I often discover that I feel most at ease while traveling. Feeling lost is the most clarifying experience I have ever come across. Freedom to be myself, no need for fear, anxiety, worry. On our recent trip to the outer banks we stayed at a beautiful little Bed and Breakfast style Inn which ended up being one of the most humble, easy going experiences I have ever had with an Inn or hotel. Respect among fellow guests is assumed and understood. There were no down payments, no locks on the doors, just simple courtesy and trust which put me at ease enough to shake loose some of the anxiety work has been bringing as of late and let me notice things around me for the first time in what felt like ages.

Sunlight, precious and fleeting, cast shadows throughout the day into the rooms of the Inn and gave me pause more often than I can remember. Gentle breeze brought them to life as the shadows of leaves and curtains danced on the floor. It was a beautiful stay and we won’t hesitate to return to the same Inn the next time we are in Ocracoke. For anyone curious the name of the name of the Inn is The Crews Inn and you can find more information on their website here.

I hope these photos pass along the feeling of calm I felt in this space and bring a little peace to your day. As maddening as the world can be at times it’s nice knowing there are still places of calm out there, waiting to give us a needed break.







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