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This past weekend we took a short trip east to the outer banks of NC and stayed on small island only accessible via ferry boat called Ocracoke Island. I for one am not much of a beach lover; constant sun, salt, and sand are not my idea of a good time. That said, this trip ended up being a wonderful, compact holiday that brought an unintentional photographic hiatus to a close.

Our timing for the trip worked out in perfectly serendipitous ways starting with the fact that we were there right at the start of the tourist season so there were no crowds of people at the beach or in the small town. This gave us the opportunity to stay at an amazing and humble B&B without any trouble and made for a particularly quiet stay on the island overall.

The last night of our trip we decided to camp at a great campground by the ocean which ended up being a perfect end to the trip because of a dramatic display we were able to witness atop the sand dunes. Not only were we treated to a beautiful sunset to the west but it was immediately followed by a stunning moonrise to the east over the ocean. A bright glowing ball of red appeared over the ocean among distant clouds and slowly rose into the sky. Easily one of the more beautiful things I have ever witnessed in nature.

After enjoying the moment we pulled out a tripod and played around with long exposures on the beach. I ended up with a few playful photos and thought I would share a couple here as desktops for you guys. Rather than split this up into two posts I decided to share two here. I have a handful of other great shots from the trip that I will share here in due time, for now though, enjoy the new wallpapers!


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